About Jlee
Jlee-ism – an ART movement as a reflection into the various stages of life with its peaks and downfalls along with the expressions of ones inner feelings, characterized by 360 degrees artworks driven by the subconscious mind.

“My desire is to express a visual truth, a sense of freedom, endless creativity and the uniqueness of self.”

In Jlee 360, artworks can be appreciated and turned in 360 degrees, enhancing the spectators’ imagination to see things differently and showing options in life in an ever- changing process.

“My ART is not only about MYSELF, it is also about YOU”

My artworks witness the endless imaginary space and traces of life. I care about life and changes, the unconsciousness and unexplainable abilities between human beings and objects; these are the forces of my artistic creations. Through my free-forming, abstract and surrealistic brush strokes, I raise questions in life, and bring awareness of dilemmas that people encounter everyday. My ART allows me and the spectators to access with unconsciousness and intuition to respond at the moment and share their experiences. It is the abstract thought of the creator and spectator I find intriguing. “There is no RIGHT or WRONG in my ART, but there is YES or NO.”

Whether you agree with the ART or not, it is the individual perceiver that determines his or her own vision. There is no right or wrong way in viewing these paintings. I love to leave my paintings open for interpretations. My ART contains ideas that have symbolic meanings which are buried for the viewers to find. The more you look at my ART, the more images and meanings will come across.


Jlee-ism 一種反映生活中各個階段,表達各種喜惡和挫折的隨心藝術運動,其特點是藉由潛意識驅動的 360 度藝術品。在Jlee-ism ,一幅畫也是無數的畫。"我的藝術不只有我,也有你。"

在我自創的"JLEE 360″系列, 觀眾可從360度去欣賞藝術品,進入不同視野和視覺領域進行思考,尋找和領悟自我。我的藝術讓我和觀眾分享人生經歷, 能獲得互動,”互相感動”的功效。它是創造者和旁觀者之間共同創造的抽象思維。它令觀眾自發性地刺激潛意識的創作力和想像力,從而意味著生命裡不斷變化, 隱藏不同的決擇和機會。

JLEE360 -顯示大眾生活中的變化、選擇、改變、生活難題等。它讓我們尋找隱藏的含義,並將生活中看到的東西,給予一個新的角度。Jlee360 的畫於不同角度,都可以令觀眾的眼睛發現多方面的獨特視覺衝擊。





“我的願望是要表達一種視覺的真理, 追求自由、無限創意和獨特性的自我。

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