Time Line

1982 Born in Okinawa Japan

2006-2010 Tama Art University, Printmaking [ woodcut/ Intaglio/ Lithograph/ Silkscreen ]


About the artist:

When faced with death, when the life was born, I always wonder what the “soul ” is , which makes the body cease when gone and brings life when it dwells within. As i search for it, i came to the idea that several “Qi”, life energies, gather together and become one soul. Then I became interested in exploring this thing called “Qi”.   There are Various kinds of Qi; the ones that attract each other in a good balance, the agile ones that come and go, the drifting ones. I’ve started to feel that Qi resides in everything that we eat, see, words we hear and say.   With such a profoundly mysterious and funny “Qi” as the main source, I paint with intuition and inspiration. The canvas transofrms swiftly before, during and after I paint, and each timethe artwork world is completed, the soul trembles and i too change.   I explore to express the new world, looking forward for an unseen world to unfold, changes to happen, and to inspiring someone in some ways.

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