David Lam

- David Lam (Lam Chun Fai / 林鎮輝) Born in Hong Kong in 1932

- He is an Chinese Canadian artist

-He studied in Shanghai and later at LaSalle College in Hong Kong

- After graduation, David Lam worked as an Exhibition Specialist for the United States    Cultural Center in Hong Kong and later as an Assistant Curator at the Hong Kong City Hall Museum.

-In the late 1950s and early 1960s , he begins with his early ink and colour works of Hong Kong, and had his exhibition.

-In 1964, He was a co-founder of the Circle Group, a Hong Kong avant-garde collective that included a majority of the city’s most progressive painters and sculptors.

- In 1965,  he immigrated to Vancouver, he utilized watercolour, acrylic, pencils and ink in his paintings to capture the city and natural landscapes of Asia and Canada.

-He pass away in 2013


David Lam in M+










M+ Collections, Daivd Lam’s Artwork, 1969