• Joint Exhibition of Lui Shou Kwan and Wesley Tongson

    24/3/2017 - 14/4/2017

  • Ink Asia 2016: The House of KA「家香」· 唐家偉

    16/12/2016 - 18/12/2016

  • The Curiosity Box: The Hometown Tourist

    1/6/2015 – 11/7/2015


    13/2/2015 – 7/3/2015

  • Lui Shou Kwan & HUNG Keung: 吾。心即宇宙

    18/9/2014 - 26/9/2014

Past Projects & Events

Wesley's Heaven Exhibition

Wesley’s Heaven (「手」尋 · 天「唐」 唐家偉作品展 )

Wesley Tongson 唐家偉 (1957-2012) | Event

Wesley’s Heaven exhibition (「手」尋 · 天「唐」 唐家偉作品展 ) marks the 5th anniversary of the passing of artist Wesley Tongson (1957-2012).  Through his rare and distinctive artworks, the audience can explore his glamourous celestial sanctuary.

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INK Asia 2016

Ink Asia 2016

Wesley Tongson 唐家偉 (1957-2012) | Event

  Ink Asia 2016: The House of KA「家香」· 唐家偉 (16 – 18 December, 2016)   本土藝術家唐家偉,手、紙無間,彈奏亂世的韻律,撫慰孤單心靈,以雙手擁抱無限「香江」情。 水,可以化成彩雲,靈遊天界。 墨,可以劃分黑白,壁壘分明。 家,可以有形無形,破、建由心。 香,可以導善揚惡,「指」在一念之間。 Through the incessant interaction of his fingers and ink on paper, Hong Kong artist Wesley Tongson (Tong Ka Wai) composed poetic melodies amidst a turbulent world, caressing his lonely soul and embracing his homeland with boundless love. Water can form mist and clouds, flowing freely over mountains of Heaven. Ink can separate black from white, portraying a world in black…

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The Curiosity Box: The Hometown Tourist

| Project

In 2013, artist Lam Tungpang traveled to New York City for the first time to live and work for 2 months, turning his apartment there into a semi-public/semi-private space where he created an installation with drawings and found objects, while inviting friends and strangers to join this creative process. Sponsored by the Asian Cultural Council, the artworks created during this residency were subsequently installed at the Chinese Culture Centre of San Francisco, and thus began Lam’s ongoing creative project: The…

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